Can Your Organization See the Path Forward?


For most organizations today, the rapid pace of change, coupled with increased complexity and uncertainty, are making it harder and harder to stay competitive, retain top talent, attract customers and lead your market.  It’s more difficult than ever just to stay afloat – much less to make a significant impact.

Although no one has figured out how to predict the future (at least not yet), there are many things you can do to prepare your organization to thrive in this constantly shifting landscape.  Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do your customers have a strong, emotional attachment to your brand?
  • Are your employees raving fans of your organization and its mission?
  • Are you perceived as a cutting-edge innovator in your industry?

There is a new class of organizations emerging – companies that evolve quickly, market their organization more effectively, and are admired by customers, employees and competitors.  They have lower turnover, higher employee engagement, and stronger company cultures than the rest of the pack.  These companies have uncovered a fundamental truth that has completely changed how they do business.

If you make a profit by creating a better world, everyone wants to help you be successful.


In the traditional paradigm of business, companies existed to make a profit and non-profits existed to make a difference.  As we’re moving into a new paradigm, this silo approach is shifting.  After all, if you’re out to make a profit for yourself and your shareholders, no one else really cares about you and your success that much.  While this idea is now generally accepted, there’s a problem: no one seems to know how to go about defining a compelling, motivating purpose for their enterprise.

Many organizations are painfully aware of the need to create a better world, but struggle to find their path to greater purpose and a meaningful impact.  Of course, the business press and conference agendas are filled with motivational examples of how well other companies’ purposes are working for them, but empty of guidance on how to find and manifest your company’s purpose.

In fact, you must understand your unique organizational purpose in much greater detail than simply knowing your “why” on an intellectual level in order to create the transformation and results you seek.  Despite all the noise and confusion about finding your organization’s “why”, it’s still possible to take concrete, specific steps that will translate your purpose into powerful business results.

From experience in working with leaders and organizations across industries, we know that CEOs with a strong sense of purpose inspire greater loyalty and a stronger work ethic in their employees.  And organizations with a clear and compelling higher purpose create highly engaged fans, internally and externally, who are willing to go farther to ensure the company’s success.

Are you ready to take your leadership and your organization to the next level?

If it’s time to stop talking about the transformation you want to create and start manifesting it, to be a leader in your industry and model a new way of doing business, let’s talk!

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