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Transform Your Leadership

As a leader called to create great change, you may sometimes feel as if the deck is stacked against you.  Trying to transform an existing system can be simultaneously deeply fulfilling and incredibly frustrating.  If you are like other powerful leaders who are called to be change agents, you may be having these experiences:

  • Many people perceive you as highly successful and congratulate you on your accomplishments, but you are more concerned with the mission you feel called to manifest.  You know that your true potential is far greater than what you have achieved so far.
  • It is difficult to enroll others in taking effective action on your vision, even though they may say that they support it.
  • Other powerful people around you seem committed to perpetuating the status quo and preventing change.
  • The system or organization you are called to transform is complex and seems to self-reinforce and resist your efforts.
  • You feel that the power, skill and self-development that you’ve acquired ought to be sufficient to create the change, but the process seems to be going too slowly and taking too long.

These are common experiences for powerful change agents.  Like most things involved with transforming systems, they have multiple causes, some internal and some external.

The fundamental issue, though, is that you are a product of the current paradigm:  your beliefs, methods and abilities are rooted in the world as it is.  Inevitably, as you move to transform things around you, you are employing old paradigm methods to create the new paradigm.  This strategy cannot succeed!  And most of the people around you cannot help you.  (They are probably at least as rooted in the current paradigm as you are.)

What is required is for you to transform yourself into an example of the reality you seek to create.  When your consciousness reflects the new paradigm, so will your actions.  Your very presence will bring the people and systems around you into a state that is consistent with your vision.  Your methods for exerting power and influence will create this new reality as a natural side-effect.

If you are called to create the new world, you can feel the truth of this.  The choice is yours!  Do you want to become an example and an agent of the new paradigm?  Are you called to participate in this unfolding global project?  Do you desire to leave a powerful and lasting legacy?

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