New Paradigm of Business Video Series


New Paradigm of Business #1 — Our Business Paradigm is Changing

What is the “new paradigm” of business?
Why is everyone talking about it, yet so much of that talk is vague and unclear?


New Paradigm of Business – #2 — The Challenge of Changing Paradigms

What is a “paradigm?” Why are they so difficult to change?
Learn about the invisible structure of beliefs on which business is based.


New Paradigm of Business #3 — Why Using Money to Motivate Doesn’t Work

Learn why most companies’ compensation plans actively disengage their employees! 


New Paradigm of Business #4 — When Hierarchy is a Bad Choice

One of the key structures in the current paradigm of business is hierarchy.
Is it working? Find out!


New Paradigm of Business #5 — The Myth of Competition

Explore the ingrained belief that competitive, win-lose behavior produces the best results.
Where did this belief come from? What does research say?


New Paradigm of Business #6 — The Upside of the Old Paradigm

Unfortunately many who seek to transform business are only able to see the
aspects of it that are not working.  Are you one of them? 


New Paradigm of Business #7 — Creating a High-performance Culture

If money is an ineffective motivator for getting the most out of people,
which alternative “fuels” are available to replace it?
Learn about how to appeal to different types of motivations in employees.


New Paradigm of Business #8 — The Purpose-Driven Culture

What’s the difference between a company having a purpose vs. donating to purposeful causes?
What company would you choose to work for?


New Paradigm of Business # 9 — Individual Power as a Source of Motivation

Join me for this video as I explore the alternative systems
to hierarchy, some of the actual companies that use them and
the ROI behind this powerful, new paradigm strategy.


New Paradigm of Business Video #10: The Growth & Development Culture

One of the powerful alternatives to motivating with greed is focusing on developing employees.
Many companies THINK they’re using this strategy; learn how it really works!



New Paradigm of Business Video #11: How We Will Create the Company of Tomorrow

One of the main reasons why the new paradigm of business is so unclear is the process
we are using to define and create it.
You can’t use old paradigm methods to design the new paradigm! Learn more here.